Bastian Kuberek
Who am I?
I am a determined individual who strives for self improvement both personally and professionally. I believe making mistakes are important and that only through mistakes we can discover a new and better way. I'm a dreamer who travels far beyond physical reach. I'm an explorer who is never satisfied with normalcy. I like connecting with interesting people as I believe we become our experiences and those around us.
Where am I going?
It's not something I know yet. But I believe that if I listen to my instincts, overcome my fears and be honest to myself, I am going in the right direction. So far, I am really happy doing what I do. I found joy working in technology and building things. I love being outdoors and feel the wind in my face. I'm most certain that my future includes building things and exploring the world.


Currently I work as a Systems Engineer at Spotify. I spend most of my time looking at code and the terminal. I love writing and debugging python software and troubleshooting network outages between our offices and data centers. Together with my team, we manage hundreds of internal services and tools hosted both in our data centers, aws, gcp and the closet down the hallway.

I have been developing professional web services and applications for about 10 years. I started off as a frontend developer working mainly with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and a LAMP stack. Over time I expanded to be a backend engineer working mainly with Python, Java, PostgreSQL, Cassandra and Nginx.

My past jobs include a variety of things including but not limited to carpentry, construction, painting, upholstery, boat repair, mechanic, and off course bartending.


Let’s connect!

Phone: +1 (478) 227-8426


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